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Originally Posted by GregSa View Post
As you already being a regional airline pilot and coming to this company you were offered an ATR slot? Is that to be expected? What base are you out of? Yes the idea of being home each night (if that is indeed a possibility) is very attractive to me. What do you mean by "people have to work a lot to cover all of the flying"? Are you meaning less flying and more of the other additional duties? How much flight time do you get per month?
Yes you can expect the ATR. Apply for the ATR, get the ATR. To keep my identity secret I will tell you in a private message. However, anyone who actually works there will know who I am. Anyway, the company used to be a place for guys who didnít want to fly could come get a paycheck and fly everyone once in a while. You basically had to call the company and beg to fly. People really liked that. Home all the time and got paid. Not a bad gig if you ask me. Now we are short pilots so people are flying a lot more than usually. Or at least asked too. We work 3 weeks on and 1 week off and people get the call to work on their week off. A lot of people donít mind because you get paid to do so. Extra money. Not a bad gig sometimes. We as pilots want to see the company prosper. At least most do. However sometimes there is junior manning. Flight time. I work about 90 minutes a night and I am by 430 to 530 in the morning every day. Go in late evening. I work my weeks off so I usually travel then. I think I flew 35 hours a month for the past 3 months. Of course I donít care that much. It is really a special type of flying. You have to not want to build time quickly but the money you can make is pretty good unless something changes in the near future. Highly doubt it though
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