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SJU is gone after 40 years... SLU as well. Miami now has been transfer to IFL Group and BQN will be soon.. TLH has been transfer to baron and Rumors has it that Greensboro and Buffalo too.. Mountain Air has been facing a lot in the last couple of years from firing DOs Chiefs HR Pilots etc.. From being Fedexís number one Feeder now down to the the bottom and least favorite... They used to be real picky and nasty to pilots in the past and now they will recruit anything out there that can fly.. or at least say it can fly.. Training department not really the best out there.. They got one guy in Houston that believed he works for Nasa.. He knows more than anyone out there.

But other than that is not a bad place.. Pay is ok (not great) average benefits.. Good MX overall. You might be a lucky person and have a good schedule or not so lucky and hate your life floating everywhere.. If someone out there is looking to get into FedEx and UPS the easier way is to fly for a Pax Regional.. and do your homework Job fairs etc.. I understand newbies defending it.. It feels great flying a plane painted as FedEx. Itís a great purple flavor Kool aid drink but at the end you are just working for a management company.. Trust me I was there..
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