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Originally Posted by RJPilotnow View Post
Oh in response to Kennedy’s, they closed the Caribbean 208 runs. They did close one ATR run, but then a new run was added so therefore, no loss. Also, keep in mind the new Cessna 408 aircraft will show up sometime. These are FedEx decisions not MAC. It is reorganization of aircraft and who will operate what. I am not wotried.
Not exactly true. Allocation of aircraft is based on overall performance, and reliability. That said, the reason Empire will receive another ATR in their fold... or IFL will be given a trial ATR and possibly C208 to prove themselves.

As I recall, due to poor performance, Empire lost an ATR to MAC due to issues in their house.

New Management at ATR are going to have to ply catch up ball in order to remain in the game, or otherwise.... well you get the picture. There are a lot of great people at MAC and deserve better than what RN delivered.
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