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Originally Posted by El Pilot View Post
135. From what I have heard MAC use to be a great place to be, not so much now, but QOL is still good on the 208's. The ATR side is hurting for pilots. Also the SIC program is starting for the 208 this summer with the hopes of keeping the ATR staffed once the SIC reaches ATP mins. If you live in one of the MAC bases it's not a bad gig TBH.
From my understanding, part 135 can continue to fly after age 65 opening up a few more options. The C 408 SkyCourier looks impressive! Be interesting to see the captain pay rates and if they'll staff with SICs. It's probably a single pilot aircraft but the right seat could certainly be a farm for newly minted commercial pilots to build experience and go to the C208 as a captain.
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