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Originally Posted by busdriver12 View Post
Thanks for the info! If I get a VTO, I'd like to use a lot of vacation hours...but it would be nice to have an open month in case that magical, non-existent double dh from my home gets built.
VTO Vacation adjustments, higher or lower, are subject to CRS approval. Increasing the Vacation bank draw seems to be dependent upon someone else reducing it. (IOW-you have 7 days and request to use 60 hours....someone else with 10 days would need to request to use 42 hours)

The best way to control your Vacation destiny is still through a Regular line. If you're in a seat that has Single Departure lines for the entire month, touching a single day knocks out the entire month. (IOW-your 7 Day\42 CH vacation is now a whole month 72CH vacation draw)

Alternatively, Reserve is a good way to get an extended period free from CRS events for Minimal bank use. For your 7 days of Vacation, you get an 11 day Red bar of death you can slide left or right for about 32 hours of Vacation bank use. Downside is that you'll still owe 8 days of Reserve Somewhen during the month. Or less should you choose to Extend your Reserve vacation.

Regardless of whether you use additional hours in the VTO system, or knock out a SDP. You have to have a Positive Vacation balance to take any remaining Scheduled Vacations this year. Going and Staying negative doesn't have any impact on how many Days of Vacation you can take next year, but you start with a reduced bank.

IF you want to Max out your $$, and you're in a month where you don't have any Vacation plans and don't mind working. Than Minimizing your Vacation bank use, either by avoidance on a Regular line, Requested reduction in VTO, or Reserve will wind up with you "selling back" some of your Vacation hours Dec the pay rate you're earning then.

Which this year will be an extra 4%
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