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Originally Posted by TiredSoul View Post
You’re better off flying early in the morning before work rather then after work. Can you get a later shift?
No. It's client service corporate type work. Typical expectation is that we're in before the client 8 at the latest and leave after the client (usually around 7).

Best case scenario is that I work out an arrangement to be able to come in late (9) or leave early (5) at most once per week. I just don't have the flexibility to do things in "spare time" which is my main reason for wanting to make a career switch.

I'm lucky to be staffed on a project locally right now, but a more normal situation would be for me to not even be home for M-Th each week. If that was the case, training would become very very cumbersome, either consuming my entire weekends, and taking longer than would be ideal
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