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Originally Posted by DryClutch View Post
Recently applied to UPS, and getting ahead of myself a little as I don't yet have an interview invite, but i'm curious about the general QOL of a UPS newhire these days. I have no real contacts at UPS and not a whole lot surfaced in searching previous threads relating to a newhire's expected lifestyle the first 5 +/- years.

- What sort of schedule can a newhire on the 75/76/A300 expect in the first few years?

Canít speak to those. On the MD11 you can expect a mix of domestic and international, but the trend is mostly domestic. You are only on the hook for 14/28 days. Everything from exclusively base lines to long commuter friendly trips. Depending on what other criteria drives your bids, you are looking at a mix of day and night sorts.

- How does reserve work at UPS? (Do you head to SDF and crashpad it waiting for the phone to ring like other airlines, etc?) Historical time spent on RSV as an FO the past few years? Short/Long call?

SDF Reserve is a 1.5 hour call out. Long call is 16 hours, but is rare. Depending on fleet and time of year, you may not be able to hold reserve.

-I'd be commuting out of ATL, haven't commuted in over 15 years, any ATL UPS commuters on here care to share how they usually get to work?

Iím not a commuter, but plenty of on and offline options from Atlanta. Most are single leg.

Thanks for any insight! I figure I can't be the only guy wondering this stuff?
You arenít, try doing more research. Multiple threads on these topics. Everything you asked has been asked before. That said, if you succeed in getting hired, itís a great job with benefits and pay that you will struggle to match elsewhere. The pilot group is very good and looks after their own.
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