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Originally Posted by THE SHAFT View Post
The only thing that divides this pilot group is section 28.
No, it doesn't divide anything. What an insult to the AS pilot group. You (we) brought zero CBA to the merger. The AS CBA encompassed us along with some payrate and 401K DC improvements. The contract had already established the AS pilots' retirement plans before this merger ever came about. A very small amount of pilots are in the status quo plan and most are in the rebalanced portion. Every one of their pilots hired after 2010 is in the same DC plan as the rest of us. Section 28 has a specific section applicable only to VX pilots. As it stands, VX pilots are in full compliance with the CBA.

I cannot believe there are VX pilots calling for selling out AS pensions in order to secure scope and section 25 improvements. Your comments are divisive and only hurts unity going forward for contract 2020.
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