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Originally Posted by AZwiz View Post
Air Willy does have some awesome health care. That said, I would lean PSA. Over the long haul, you'll make more money, not work for a company that is slowly shrinking with zero investment (how many planes have been beer canned since the delivery of El Guapo?), and have a solid path to a major airline. The CPP time is in the 7-8 year range and the success rate is somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3. If you wanted to go to UAL via a CPP, Commute Air's time is 2-3 years. And as always, there is the 11th (I think that's right) year of never ending contract negotiations.
I agree, PSA has a defined path, while Air Wisconsin not so much. No growth, no investment and a new guy that just got hired whoís a specialist at shutting down airlines. Plus training pay at slick Willy is LOW, no 24hr per diem like at PSA, any way Air Willy can save a dime they will, like send you to PHX or CVG with no per diem even though your away from your base ATW no food allowance, nothing. So if you like that, go for it. And the clapped out CL 65ís from Mexico and here. Hope you like thatís deffered, time to do a manual w/b on every leg.
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