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Originally Posted by Fly4Beer
Great another ALPA cave-in.... The top 10% screws the other 90% and the rest of the profession. Now every ALPA carrier can expect to get consessions without fear of a strike because ALPA leadership has shown their cards!!! I guess ALPA will have to raise dues to make up the difference once another pay cut is announced, you know ALPA leadership won't take a paycut from ALPA
Fairly ignorant statement Im afraid. You have very little understanding of how negotiations and leverage work. ALPA may have to raise dues but the leadership pay will not be a deciding factor.

A fundamental change is needed in the industry. There is no reason SW pilots should be getting 70K more per year than the rest of us. The public has spoken. The industry has a working model is SW. They are the pricing leader. As far as I'm concerned Alaska and other airlines can copy SW entirely. If they still can't make money, well talk pay cuts. Until then, I don't want to get paid less because our managers want to offer first class or assigned seats or baggage transfer or oxygen for old folks or pet transport.....The public is not interested.

In May Alaska pilots start negotiations for a contract that become amendable May '07. I look for pay restoration as a minimum. Some of our FO's will need a 51% raise to return to pre kasher (arbitrator) decision. It is a high mountain to climb. It can be done as long as SW does not take a pay cut. (They won't)
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