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Originally Posted by pinseeker View Post
Not if you work the same number of days. If you work the same 15 days on the 757, you will make more. Then you get to pick what trips you want to fly rather than being given pot luck on reserve.

To each his own. I'm just shocked at how many new hires are chasing dollars and working 18+ days in a 4 week month. Of course I see several mid seniority captains doing the same thing. That doesn't bode well for our upcoming contract negotiations.
I won't be working... They're gonna give me Reserve. From my experience I'll go into work 2 or 3 times a month. This month I'm growing a beard on Reserve. I've flown one two day trip. Remember I said I bit the bullet and moved... I'll be playing with my daughter out by the pool and getting paid for it!
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