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just to clarify.
Aloha Air Cargo and Northern Air Cargo are still currently operating under different certificates, so in the eyes of the FAA they are 2 different companies. That being said, we have one pilot contract and one seniority list that govern both. Latest word is the merger of the 2 certificates will happen in early 2020. At that time all the pilots on the Aloha Cargo certificate will be brought onto the NAC certifcate.

So what that means for hiring, until the merger is complete, each airline is doing their own hiring. Aloha Cargo only flys the 737 in Hawaii. and they ONLY hire for the 737 in Hawaii.
The 767 is only on the NAC certificate. The plane that flys the LAX-HNL route is on the NAC certifcate. It is currently being flown by ATI under a wet lease agreement. The plan is to get ETOPS certification on the NAC certificate in early 2020. So in the post above where is says, "the Aloha 767", well there is no Aloha 767 and never will be. It will be on the NAC certificate. After the merge "Aloha Air Cargo" will just be a brand name.

is that all clear as mud, haha.

anyway, both companies have a job listing open on their careers page.
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