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Originally Posted by FlyPurdue View Post
Are they crewed or is it single pilot? Alas, is the 5,000 hours firm?


The 5k is not firm. It helps to have King Air time and/or a BE-300 type. We have a couple pilots with less than 5k (but they arrived typed and current). We also have pilots with 8-10k+.

To add, Netflix will type you (if not already typed) and there is no training contract.

Originally Posted by CardboardCutout View Post
Not dumping on you all, sounds like a very chill job, but eh where would you live in or near SJC on $140k? Serious question, there may be answer and I'm just not aware of it!
Legit question. Yes, it is tough recruiting and having someone move to the Bay Area. A (young) single person would just rent. Anyone else with family would need to make at least 300k combined income to buy a decent home the SJC area with the current inflated market. Otherwise you'd have to try finding a home south of SJ- Morgan Hill, Gilroy- or go east like Livermore, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek. Then you're looking at an hour commute each way.
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