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Question SCFI to CFI??

A local flight school states, "With the recent changes to the Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR), we can now offer a program that cuts the cost of a flying career dramatically. In our format, pilots will have the opportunity to earn their Sport Pilot Flight Instructor certificates at 150 hours total time. After about 80 hours of flying with students in our Light Sport aircraft, pilots can add their commercial rating in an aircraft that they are very proficient in. Thanks to a new batch of regs, sport pilot instructors can give flight training that counts towards the sport, recreational, and private pilot certification."

They state you get your sport and SCFI and then you can transiiton to commercial and CFI. They're saying it costs roughly $30k to get to the SCFI, then your instructor time will pay for your other ratings.

I haven't seen this at any other school and am wondering if it's true or not.

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