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Wow! Incredibly BAD advice. Training contracts ARE legal in many states:

Now that's just California - your state may be different because state law governs.

For that matter, even if the costs of going to court to enforce the contract make doing so uneconomic, the employer can certainly FIRE an employee for not living up to his/her contract and notify all future employers who inquire that the employee was terminated for breach of contract.

A simple statement of fact - employee refused to comply with training contract he/she signed - will FOREVER put you in the position of having to justify this to potential future employers. Most of them will opt to pick the other person, and there will almost always be an other person for any desirable job.

It's a whole lot better idea to not sign contracts you are unwilling to comply with.

Add this to the above. Two year old Arizona Court of Appeals case regarding Mesa training contract:
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