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Originally Posted by Excargodog View Post
Sorry, but those cases are apples vs oranges to what the OP is asking and the examples I'm listing.

Those cases, as well as the Mesa one you linked, are completely different because those cases involved either the employee taking bonus money (voluntary) or tuition reimbursement (also voluntary).

Before you responded I made it very clear that those situations would indeed likely cause courts to rule in favor of the employers.

Myself and the OP are talking about employers demanding reimbursement for costs that are MANDATORY for employment. Not only mandatory in terms of company policy, but also required by the FAA for training.

Two totally different scenarios.

Originally Posted by Excargodog View Post

For that matter, even if the costs of going to court to enforce the contract make doing so uneconomic, the employer can certainly FIRE an employee for not living up to his/her contract
No argument there. Absolutely true that one can be terminated for not following company policy.

Originally Posted by Excargodog View Post
and notify all future employers who inquire that the employee was terminated for breach of contract.

There are very few things that past employers can share with applicants present/future employers.......legally at least, unless they want to risk a massive libel or slander lawsuit.

Name, dates worked, position, salary, and eligibility for rehire (a simple yes/no, nothing more) is pretty much it. Some will only share title and dates worked and nothing more.

Originally Posted by Excargodog View Post
It's a whole lot better idea to not sign contracts you are unwilling to comply with.
Absolutely true.
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