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Originally Posted by whalesurfer View Post
Accelerated retirements? What do you mean? So early retirements back then meant ~58, now it means ~63.
Iím just surprised we still havenít reached the total number of pilots from back then.. I really thought we were at 3,000+ at this point.
Age 65 went into affect Dec 13, 2007. The economy went south in early 2008. At UPS this was catastrophic for pilots. The over 65 engineers (prior Captains went back to the front left). They then stayed to 65 to recapture income as many of these folks stayed as SO's beyond 65. The economy, elimination of three seat aircraft and sudden surge of over 60 back to left seat stopped hiring in 2007. These conditions stagnated the line till 2015 so the pilot group numbers diminished. Now, as good as OCV is, many choose 12 month OCV even if staying beyond 60. Retirement age used to be 60, and nearly all went to 60. then very close to 65, now its dropping. UPS didn't anticipate the permanent OCV option prior to 65. Hiring was not enough to cover business growth and attrition higher than planned.
In next few years UPS will catch up if they choose. Don't know if they will. But the new domicile will limit the ability to train new hires to some extent.
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