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Update 09/02/19:

It seems that all of the calls for the interviews have gone out. I don't know if they contact you if you were NOT selected for an interview. You do get the TBNT type of e-mail if you were not referred for consideration at the outset of the process.

So now for those that might have been referred but not selected for an interview. It has come to my attention after being contacted that a certain way of applying has become somewhat of a problem - more of a hinderance - but one which could have profound consequences (in this case that means NOT getting called for an interview).

I'll use ONE type of scenario, but it applies across the board.

There is an open EXTERNAL and INTERNAL announcement on

Remember in this case EXTERNAL means for those outside of government service - think of it in the airline world or corporate world as an OTS (off-the-street) type of hire. Just Joe-blow pilot out there working in the pilot world and sees this announcement nd decides s/he wants to give it a try.

INTERNAL means for those already in government service. Most often in my area we see people coming over from ATC or Flight Standards (FSDOs/ASIs). The requirements can be a little different (like the difference in currency 100/yr for externals vice 50/yr for internals), but otherwise they are usually very similar.

This makes someone from the inside - like ATC - think that they can (or should) ONLY apply through the INTERNAL announcement. This is the trap. To maximize your chances - every applicant should apply through every avenue for which they qualify. For that ATC person - they are eligible for BOTH EXTERNAL and INTERNAL! It is twice the work with getting two packages together though they overlap in many ways; but in the end - it also helps your chances getting an interview. I'm not an insider on the hiring process. I don't claim insider knowledge of the HR process - especially in government hiring practices! But I know for fact that this time around - a qualified person was not granted an interview because they ONLY applied through one avenue, under which the other avenue was not considered this time around. As the application states - they may chose to interview ALL, SOME, OR NONE of the applicants.

When I say this applies across the board - for instance - Veteran's don't just apply through the Veteran's announcement. If you are a former Vet and work in the FSDO now - apply for the VEOA/External/and Internal announcements for maximum consideration.
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