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Originally Posted by Benbc View Post
$15,000 seems really expensive. Iím currently training for my private and itís about half that.
Cessna 150: $84.00 per hour
Fuel: $9.56
Instructor: $50.00
And Iím using Sportys for ground.
I donít understand your cost breakdown. Are you saying you pay $84 an hour for a dry Cessna 150 and then also pay $9.56 per gallon of fuel you use?

If I remember right a Cessna 150 burns about 6 gallons an hour. (9.56 x 6= 57.36). 57.36+84 is $141.36. $140 an hour is typically what a C172 rents for so that isnít a very good deal for a C150 which should be a decent amount cheaper
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