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Originally Posted by Claxstarr View Post
LOL no... people underestimate how much flying we have..
We have a ton (if not all) bases that are grossly understaffed.

Let me put it this way:
I was talking to a few 9E guys and they have one full crew for every plane in DTW sitting reserve at any given time in for AM RES and two full crews for every plane for the PM RES shift.
At OO, we have 4 reserve lines this month @ DTW.
That's FOUR people (plus a handful that are on or just finishing IOE) on reserve, not actively sitting because they almost always get proffered a trip.
Let's say RES lines + post-IOE guys/gals = 10 people at any given time.
That's 10 people out of 230 FO's assigned to DTW, which means *** 4% reserve coverage***.

When I was sitting res at DTW, I got multiple calls without fail on my off days asking me to come fly because they didn't have anyone available.

So we actually need much more growth to be "properly staffed".
There are a bunch of threads on this topic here.
Meanwhile Dallas sits at 25% reserve coverage with people barely getting called...
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