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Originally Posted by HTBH View Post
I was using the A320 as an example of on option to take other than the 88. It would definitely be the hardest plane (other than the 7ER, which was offered to new hires before but not recently) to get back to ATL in as a new hire. I've never flown the 88, but have an appreciation since I flew the DC-9 for a couple years and have sat in many 88 jumpseats thinking "holy crap, none of this makes sense and this looks like waaaayyyyy to much work compared to the Bus." I guess it just depends how bad someone would want to avoid the 88 vs a, shall we say, more modern and comfortable airplane. It's tough to put myself back into the thought process I had at indoc when choosing planes. But, and I can only speak for myself, I would take anything other than an 88 and commute for a bit if I had options in today's environment. disrespect to my 88 and 90 peeps out there. All the respect in the world to you flying that thing. I know it has character to it! But....I like my tray table.
With regards to comfort and ease of flying, totally agree. But it just depends the commute too. Iíd rather be junior and commute to Atlanta than NYC personally. Having to cover possibly 3 airports and get a crash pad makes it easy. Even when I was reserve and commuted to Atlanta I didnít get more than 3 hotels a month. And after the hit of training pay, $180 for hotels was better than $300-400 for a crash pad. If only the 321 deliveries werenít delayed....
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