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Originally Posted by galaxy flyer View Post
That was 40 years ago, itís changed a lot. Thereís still lots of trash corporate jobs, but I know dozens of very happy corporate pilots making north of $250,000 with good QOL. Two gave up UAL recalls for their jobs.
Yes, those jobs do exist however they are rare and probably near a large metropolis with a higher cost of living. A junior Captain at Delta makes that kind of income with the option to live where they want. When I "park the brake", I never thought about my airline job until coming back to work for my next rotation. I didn't worry about catering, I never worried about landing fees nor did I worry about maintenance.

Please don't misunderstand me. There are good jobs in the corporate world and I appreciate those that do them. I spent my early professional life flying for a great family and corporation. When I started there we operated a King Aire 90 and a Cessna 182. Today they are a HUGE telecommunications company with a half dozens jets and a nationwide presence. (Hint.. you can see their name on some sporting arenas)

If I had to do it all over again.. I would follow the same path. Get to a major as fast as I can.. seniority is everything!

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