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Originally Posted by Name User View Post
This is how it starts...

And some of this gets us easily down to single pilot:

And some of this to finish it off:

Automating our jobs is the low hanging fruit of autonomous vehicles. Think of the money saved. The money made by software and hardware engineering firms is immense and the flexibility offered to airlines ever more so. No more worries about duty days, timing out, etc. Entire departments are wiped out...etc.

We make good money now. Save it. We're looking at a five year timeline to single pilot/reduced augmented IMO and maybe even autonomous flown/remotely piloted after another five.

It will be ironic if AMTs, rampers, gate agents and FAs continue to have jobs and we do not...
Decades of CRM research and safety gone? Itís two pilots or zero pilots. Itíll never be single pilot imo
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