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Originally Posted by FlyingJack13
But from what I have seen in my own eyes I am almost looking forward to hopefully someday fly 7 legs a day in a prop.

You say that now (don't worry, I did too). Just wait until you get to experience the joys of 14 hour duty days with a couple of 3 hour "airport appreciation tours", all to get maybe 6 hours of flight time... (in case you didn't do the math, that works out to 8 hours of sitting around, either on a turn or on an airport appreciation tour, waiting to go fly again, all while earning your $1.5 or so in perdiem.)

Repeat after me- 7 legs a day sucks.
5 legs a day will have you exhausted.

And, oh yeah, after your required minimum rest, you're off to do it again tomorrow!

I'm not trying to dissuade you or anything. It is a fun job. It really is. I just hope you don't come here all doe-eyed and bushy tailed thinking that 7 legs a day in an RJ or a turbo-prop is the coolest thing since sliced bread- you're gonna get severley dissapointed really quickly. I had a few of these 3-400 hour guys come in from Flight Safety or wherever in my class- all of them were disgruntled in less than 2 months after flying the line.

Enjoy where you are RIGHT NOW, in that Piper, or Cessna, or Diamond, or whatever. For the next couple of years, I guarantee you, it's the best flying, the most FUN flying you'll do. Once you get a uniform and a showtime, you'll understand. When you're sitting at a gate 2 hours delayed, having figuring out that, when you factor in all the time spent in uniform (not counting overnights), you're making less than minimum wage, you'll be wondering why you ever even chose this career- think back to the Cessna days.
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