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Originally Posted by FDXBUCK View Post
I would like to talk about the B757 program. It is an exceptional program. The pilot that goes through the program will be pleased with it.

The flex/LCA group that was selected for the program was done in two phases. The first phase of selectees designed the program. The second phase of selectees went through the program as students with the 1st phase of flex/LCAs instructing. The FAA watched this entire process and signed off the program.

The intent of the two groups of flex/LCAs was to design a program, go through the entire program with the FAA overseeing the process. This group of individuals were told that they would be doing this job for two years. The most important function in this process was to train and have oversight of our replacements during this two year time frame. We would then go to another aircraft (that we could hold) or return to our previous aircraft. This was a busy process with little time for anything else.

This group of instructors understood there was a problem with the CBA concerning the introduction of a narrow body aircraft to our company. We were told this was being worked on by the company and the union leadership. Yes, this was an adult to adult agreement. With the abililty to monday night quarterback today, we should have had the issue resolved before starting this process i.e approached the union leadership - our representatives in this process.

Upon return to memphis, it was discovered that this process was not being worked on. In fact, I talked with a union rep at AOC to see how it was going and he said it was not being worked on. He stated that they had known about it for weeks and had a solution to it. This was a suprise. The union leadership was approached for gudiance.

At no time were special pay packages being worked on by any instructor. We thought our situation was being dealt with.

Lessons learned:

1. CBA is the defining document - if it is not covered then get it in writing from a process by the union and the company - CBA didn't cover situation like this
2. B777 -FDX ALPA standards and training should be working with the company during a conversion - using ALPA's expertise with safety, training and standardization
3. Flex/LCA block rep should be involved
4. Union leadership should get involved with 2 and 3 above

Lastly, there have been numerous misstatements about what occurred during the initial onset of the B757 to our company. Some of them are not true. The company and union leadership could have approached this from a far different perspective. As a flex/LCA group we were at fault for not having the flex/LCA issue relsolved from day one. With the aforementioned said, the only loser in this sad but true process is SAFETY!
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