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John Grones needs to be on every flex guys speed dial. While I didn't like some of the comments he made on the ALPA site about the LOA, I think he will help you guys look for a solution. He is your rep and he works for you. I'm sure with all the chaos of the last few months he is ready to listen and work with you guys and take your ideas up the chain.

Some of my favorite captains got caught up in this fiasco. I hope this can be worked out and we can get the right guys into the job.

I got a call from a guy who didn't appreciate the tone of the Message Line implying that the flex guys were independent contractors, and your post indicates you feel the same way. I don't think there was a conspiracy on either side of this issue--just some comm breakdowns.

Nice move coming out and stirring the pot. Good luck to you too.
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