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From my point of view, individual Flex/LCA's were approached to participate in the program and agreed to step up to the plate and help the company (after all, we are the company). They wanted assurances and pay protection, and were told that it was being worked. It may or may not have been.

What I don't get is why are we giving FDX ALPA a pass on this one? They knew that this was being done and were not proactive about approaching the company to get this resolved. If the compnay offers a 10k deposit assistance to the FDA pilots, they'll intervene - so why not when the company is working outside of the CBA to start a training dept? Was it really the job of the individual flexes to say no when they were asked to get this program started? DW's e-mail made it sound like these guys were all free agents trying to stick it to the rest of us, when in reality they were stepping up to the plate to get this program started from the ground up and trusting that mgt and the union were actually doing their jobs, imagine that.
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