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If the WTO fines imposed on both end up to be fairly weighted based on the value of subsidies received, then neither company is getting an advantage. And for the governments, the tariff income is probably going to be less than the illegal subsidies in the first place.

The only group I can really see benefitting here is airlines that arenít headquartered in the U.S. or Europe. If both Singapore Airlines and Delta Airlines both want to offer a New York to Singapore route using an Airbus A350 ULR, Delta may struggle to compete with an airline that can get the plane for 10 percent less than any American carrier can.

This, in general, highlights how ridiculous these disputes are. Make no mistake: this is not a part of the trade war or an application of Trumpian tit-for-tat economic retaliation. This is the result of 15 years of both companies publicly complaining about the subsidization of the other.

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