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My junior college performance was not quite as bad as yours but honestly not much better. That being said I eventually got it figured out and got enough credit to transfer to my hometown 4 year university where I finished my bachelor's with a good GPA. I was embarrassed by my early collegiate performance and worried about having to explain it during interviews, if the call from a major ever came... I was working nights, flight instructing and trying to finish my degree all at the same time but still my junior college performance was an embarrassment to me.

Fast forward, 4 years after graduating college and heading off to the regionals, I have interviewed and been a hired by TWO MAJOR PAX airlines at 28 years old. One of which is a legacy that hires less than 10% of its pilots off the street (of which I am one of the <10%).

So if you want this then go for it, IT CAN BE DONE and its not too late to get serious!! But you have to charge hard and do a 180 on your academic performance. I think despite a rough start in junior college, finishing with a good 4 year GPA is what kept me in the running to get the calls eventually.

Good luck!

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