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While the rule allowing SSRI's was implemented with good intentions, the ink was barely dry when the germanwings incident occurred.

Since then, the FAA has (somewhat understandably) been very slow to approve folks under that rule. Last I heard the number of approved pilots could be counted on the fingers of one hand, and I don't know if any were 1C.

The best path to certification appears to be to use SSRI's to get healthy and then learn to stay that way with lifestyle and perhaps cognitive therapy... it's easy to get certified if you're healthy and off SSRI's.

If you're looking at aviation as a primary career, ie you need the money, then planning to fly long term with SSRI's sounds risky. There may have been a germanwings type incident in the US recently, and that might cause the FAA to become even more restrictive.

I would suggest a professional aeromedical consulting service to help you with the process, although a good AME who really cares could probably accomplish the same.
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