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Originally Posted by Flightcap View Post
The 74 had two cargo doors open spontaneously, one in flight. The 787 - battery fires, anyone? As previously mentioned, the venerable 737 had rudder PCU issues. About two weeks after an accident less than 1% of the traveling public can tell you anything intelligent about it and probably even less than that take it into consideration when buying a ticket. History will repeat itself.

You can point to historic events and definitely come to this conclusion. I will add, however, that this was prior to two things:
The internet and the peer to peer spread of (mis)information.
The irresponsible crisis factory reporting by the press, often from dubious sources.

I think itís gonna be different this time around. It will fly, pax will forget over time, but this is going to be handled way differently. People expect air travel to be 100 percent reliable and safe because thatís the standard over the last decade or so. When two planes from the same model crash like this, there will be some long lasting aftershocks.

The Max is the first airplane grounded by Facebook and Twitter. I highly doubt it will be the last, but this is virgin territory. By the time this thing flies again, it will be the most thoroughly reviewed and scrutinized airplane in history.
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