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Originally Posted by Douglas89 View Post
Yea, maybe I should come in slower. I fly a 172N. It is lighter than the R models and definitely floats a bit more when landing. The few times I have flown a 172R, after roundout they just sit down.

Normal approach speed on final is 65. Perhaps like James mentioned, perform the slip at a slower airspeed. Maybe 65 instead of 70. I know that even a 5 kt. difference in airspeed on landings makes a pretty big difference in the 172.
Every knot too fast is about 120 feet of float. You’re flying it too fast. The 1.3 Vso stall speed is max gross weight on a standard day. The Vso for a typical C172 will drop roughly 1 kt for every 100 lbs under gross weight.

Slow it down to a normal 65 Kts. That will save you 600 feet of float.

Congrats on passing the checkride. It’s your license to continue learning.
Enjoy and welcome to the club.
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