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Iíll say it again, in the time itís taken you to write your post you could have found a school online.
Apart from one thing there is very little garantee in life.
Aviation is no exception.
No garanteed pass, no garanteed checkride in 3 weeks and no garanteed job.
Majors, Regionals, Flow, CFI, itís all not worth the paper itís written on.
Why? Because this is a very dynamic market thatís why.
CFI is a pyramid scheme, as a student you only need one instructor but as an Instructor you need more then one student. So if youíre in a class of 10 and everyone is garanteed a job as CFI you need 30 new students. Where they plan on getting those? Unless youíre willing to only fly 20hrs/month on an hourly wage. Yes you have a garanteed job.
How much are you willing to pay extra for your training for this guaranteed job?
$5k? $10k?
Guaranteed makes you lazy too, why exert yourself?
Iíd rather do a program where the top 3 get a job and make sure Iím one of them.
Just good for thought.
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