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Default Question for the forum. Buy a plane?

So question for the group. I am doing my PPL currently flying a Piper Archer II. But I feel like I am paying so much for training. I'm not wealthy however I don't have much debt and was considering IF I get this promotion my salary doubles; should I buy my own plane (finance) and just pay for the instructors time since it's by the hour but if I buy a "block" of hours it'll be cheaper. I know I'll have to pay for fuel insurance and hangar monthly. I haven't looked into insurance but everything else based on what I have read I feel like I would be able to handle. Currently the school is asking $170 per hour WET plus $75 an hour for the instructor. Wheras I see financing a plane would be like a mortgage and seems feasible again only IF I get this promotion, if I don't then i'm still utilizing the school. Just a thought I had today.
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