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Originally Posted by Baradium View Post
That doesn't really say anything on the theory one way or another. Boeing can't well recommend training requirements by country either.

I won't be surprised if the max is renamed though.

Read below. It actually does if you read the article.

The same gist or point is made. Does the article have to mention the word “theory” ? It’s a fact many 737 pilots, non 737 pilots (including Airline CEO’s) were saying our pilots can fly the airplane safely. Others blatantly stated we Americans are trained better and fly better.


“The decision stems from Boeing’s analysis of recent flight simulator tests that were part of the work necessary to return the Max to service, which showed that pilots were not using the right procedures to handle emergencies. Those tests are the latest hurdle for Boeing, which has encountered setback after setback as it tries to fix problems with the Max and persuade regulators that the plane is ready to fly.”
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