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I know several Pro pilots with A&Ps, every one of them just got a friend to write a letter. Right now, its easy to get an experience sign-off since industry is having a tough time finding enough minimum wage A&Ps. If your local FSDO wont do it just find one that will. I went to an A&P school so trust me, its a complete waste of time. You will likely learn more about making methamphetamines from your classmates than you will anything about aircraft. You can legally sign logbooks for nearly everything as a pilot/owner. An IA is worth having if you are operating a busy shop with at least 2-3 employees. If you can get a free A&P then go for it. Its really not worth having otherwise. If you are interested in working as a mechanic, spend some time in a southern penitentiary to get a feel for the culture.
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