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dann, Cubdriver & turk:

I'm 46, have no flight experience to speak of, yet I enjoyed a career in airport and airline ops. Becoming a pilot is a natural progression in my career.

I always wanted to be a pilot, however, at the time my dad wanted to see improvements in my grades. They improved by 2nd semester sophomore year until graduation. I'm an ERAU grad. That was 20 years ago. Christmas of '06, he walks in the family room and asks if I was still interested in going to flight school? I said, "You bet!!!" He informed me that he and my mother are willing to foot the bill . So my plans are to head to a flight academy here in Florida with cashier's check in hand.

I'm grateful for my mom & dad!!!

Given the nature of our situation in terms of age, I say head to an accelerated program...it'll get you where you want to be that much faster. Hope to see ya out there one day.

Blue skies.


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