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[QUOTE=cub pilot]... The FedEx web page details these companies with an overview and facts.
Total FedEx Corporation revenues for FY 2005 were 29.3 Billion of which FedEx Express revenues were 19.5 Billion or 66% of the total FedEx Corporation revenues. Checking FY 2004, FedEx Express accounted for 71% of the total revenues and in FY 2003, FedEx Express had 73% of the total revenues of the FedEx Corporation. Consider that the domestic US ground freight business is 4 times the size of the airfreight business. At this rate of growth of these 6 FedEx companies, FDX Corporation will derive more revenue from these 6 companies in FY 2009 than what you will see on the Fedex Express ledger.
[QUOTE], what? Get rid of those pesky pilots and the company will be better off?

The only reason that FDX Corp does so well is due to all of the components working together to a common goal. If the planes didn't fly, the trucks wouldn't roll.

The Fact that FedEx Express had 73% of the total revenues means that the company could be a little more charitable to its pilots, don't you think?
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