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Exclamation not taking résumés, not hiring: why UPS @ job fair?

[Saw today's thread in Cargo section asking UPS formatting questions for job fair résumés. Reminded me to ask the following & didn't want to hijack their post. More appropriate here than Hiring News forum; didn't see it covered in Freight Dog's UPS hiring Q&A.]

Why is UPS attending the AIR Inc. job fair Jan 26, etc.?

Since Aug07 or before, I'm told HR's policy's to not accept physical résumés. They may glance at your paper, but now hand it back, advising to do everything online. They generally say the web-based system doesn't allow viewing an applicant's file/résumé until 'the computer' recommends an interviewee.

That's when the hiring window's open; it's currently closed ... 800 241 2357.

Their admirable intent's consistency - not taking any résumés - yet I hear Brown's the only company at job fairs to personally tell you they can't take papers. I guess similar companies not taking résumés or especially not hiring usually leave it to their website/ e-mail/ phones to answer questions. The resulting inconsistency seems to raise attendees' expectations when they see UPS on a job fair list. Just one scenario: applicants who haven't been satisfied with ups.managehr.com & hope that going out of their way to speak to HR face-to-face will give an advantage - arguably job fairs' purpose through the years.

I've had otherwise-enthusiastic applicants ask why Brown may be the only major there not taking résumés. I've even heard from those who didn't stand in the UPS queue, yet noticed that was the only line where wanna-bes left carrying résumés.

Put yourself in the shoes of those who attend only for Brown, not forgetting the pay at the job they presumably want to leave, + the multiple hotel rooms & flights some pay everytime they see UPS listed, & I can understand. AIR Inc's nowhere near the cheapest, especially if attending their multiple annual fairs I think Brown's been at. Time & money away from your family probably feels better when any recruiter takes the paper with your name on it, even if it goes in the garbage as soon as you turn your back.

I could say that Brown's not technically there to recruit, but that raises the circular question: why do they attend?
Why shouldn't UPS applicants just stay with their family (& computer) at home, since HR's policy seems to be consistently telling everyone to apply online, & that they can't accept items at job fairs?
Please help me with a better answer for these well-intended folks. Thanks in advance.
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