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There is no way to predict what will happen at Brown this year with age 65, displacements off the classic 747, and 12 widebodies showing up. The first of 27 more jets show up in 2009. I don't think there is anyone who can or will tell you for sure. With that in mind you have to decide whether or not to go to the job fair.
Don't go:
1. UPS decides to hire. You didn't go. To the back of the line. Money not spent. Job not gained.
2. UPS decides not to hire. Money not spent.
1. UPS decides to hire. You were the last one they met before starting the hiring up again. What's that worth?
2. UPS decides not to hire. Money wasted if the only company you want to work for is UPS.
You have to decide for yourself if it's worth it. Trolling in here will only get you options.
Good luck!

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