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Haus – sorry you’re getting discouraged about the application process at Big Brown. At a previous airline I used to attend many job fairs both as a recruiter and later also when I was looking for a job myself. I agree with you that AirInc is not the cheapest, nor is it the best job fair out there in my humble opinion.

I think your expectations might be a little bit high though; remember it’s just a job fair, not an interview. Is it expensive? You bet ya, I know first hand, attended numerous AirInc and Women-in-Aviation seminars (open to men too ) for several years before that dream job finally materialized.

As a matter of fact, if they gave me just one tiny share of the lucrative AirInc Incorporated for each time I attended a seminar, I’d a major stockholder in AirInc by now.

They are not accepting resumes because frankly they don’t need them; pure and simple. The information they do need is available to them online. The whole idea of switching to an online system was to avoid the resume backlog they had from people mailing them in, faxing them in, co-mailing them in, having friends “walk them in,” etc, etc. JetBlue was the first airline to switch to an online system and for long time they did not accept resumes at job seminars either, not sure what they do now.

Either way, if you do have a question about your application they WILL try to help you out. I told my friends to bring a copy of their resume AND a printout copy of their online application. This way, if you made an error or if some information is missing or is incorrect, they’ll help you out.

However, merely attending a seminar probably won’t help you to get an interview, at least not right now as we’re not even hiring.

I think they’re attending simply because it was scheduled months and months in advance and since they already paid all the fees and the hotel costs, it’d pointless to cancel now. Also, hiring plans are usually made months and months in advance so maybe they’re just planning for later part of this year? Who knows?

Personally I think it’ll take at least 6 months or maybe more before UPS figures out how to deal with the age 65 rule and first then will they be able to decide how many more pilots, if any, they might be needing in the near future.

So my advice is, if you have some extra money and spare time - go to a seminar because you never know.
However, if you’re short on cash right now, hold off with the job fair, you’re probably wasting your money at this point.

Good luck to you and please do not give up – you’ll just have to stay positive, keep trying and it’ll happen.
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