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Originally Posted by JohnnyBekkestad View Post
Having many friends from from India that struggled for years to convert their FAA license and go back to find a job in India, i am wondering how in the world they would be able to circumvent DGCA
You are correct that many people have a hard time to
1) Convert the FAA Lic to Indian DGCA &
2) Find a Job.
I am very familiar with both the struggles as a lot of my friends went through the same.

But those people are the ones who have just a commercial multi with just 200-250 hrs of flying time and they want to fly a Boeing or Airbus. And those people struggle to pass the exams and they deal with DGCA as Individual candidate.

In the case of Zoom Air, They are looking for Line Check Airman & TRE / TRI.
Those Pilots will have ATP & thousands of hours of flying time, at least a few hundred hours time on type & they will get a special permission to operate as LCA or TRE from the DGCA.

DGCA already has a provision for such Pilots to operate and it's called FATA, Foreign Aircrew Temporary Authorization.

The Individuals will not deal with DGCA, the Company will deal with DGCA & it is the company's responsibility to get all the permissions & FATA certifications.
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