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Originally Posted by rickair7777 View Post
Did that once, worked fine. Might do it again. I rarely buy new anyway, like to do my own MX and that can be an issue with warranties. A detail shop can remove the sticker.
You'll pay full retail at Carmax but it is a lot easier. Years ago my wife's friend totaled her Saturn. Carmax wanted $9200 for the same year/model. I did some shopping around, found the same car for $6000. Also, some places have part time dealers who'll buy a car at auction for you and mark it up $500 or so. That was 15-20 years ago thou, a medically retired USAir Captain ran an auto repair shop near CLT and knew the guy who would buy at auction.

I've got my wife's hand-me-down 2014 SUV, it only has 43K miles and now that I'm out on medical I barely put 100-200 miles a month on it. Before the lockdown she traveled around a fair amount with her hobby but since she has other medical conditions that put her at high risk if she gets the virus she's pretty much been home for 2 months. She got a new SUV last summer and it's just sitting in the garage.
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