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Originally Posted by iahflyr View Post
I totally agree about rigs. I am not sure what happened to my disclaimer at the beginning of the post (saying I know hourly rates are not everything), but I do agree that hourly rates are not everything.

However, they are definately a huge part of your total earnings.
As for rigs, it seems to me like everyone should have atleast:

4:1 trip rig
2:1 duty rig
100% deadhead pay
100% cancellation pay
Minimum day pay (3-4 hours)
Some sort of OT for 12+ hour duty or CDO's
75 hour monthly guarantee

I know some places don't have these (Compass only 75% deadhead, Mesa basically has no cancellation pay, Trans States has 70 hour reserve guarentee). So if your airline does not have these, then get them.
But still look at those rates!
This is why XJT, SKYW, etc guys can credit over 120+ hours a month while flying 90, and Mesa and Colgan blowhards will never touch that.
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