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Originally Posted by kettlechips View Post
Due to the significant movement at the legacies in the next 20 or so years, I believe that getting into a legacy ASAP is extremely important. Of course I cannot guarantee that you'll get picked up by a legacy or another 9/11-level of event will happen- but going through the CFI/regional route will have legacies start looking at your application in about half the time (my estimates are 8ish years for jetblue gateway, and about 4 years for CFI/regional route to get 1000 TPIC). You'll make more money going the Jetblue route, but personally I think that 4 years of seniority is worth significantly more, as in the projected hiring environment that could move you up 15-20% in seniority at some airlines.

I still suggest that you find a local flight school, put 110% into it, and aim to get your 1500 in like 2 years. It's definitely possible.
With the new AA partnership, does this mean that JetBlue's gateway select students would end up paying $120k and end up at a regional instead of staight to JB's +100 seater jets?
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