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Originally Posted by galaxy flyer View Post
Are you sure about brake temp gauges being installed? I flew it it for 17 years, never had a temp system. The only case that fits your description was the Clinton-Sherman accident and that was 40+ years ago.
Yes, that is when I was at Altus for C-141 A/C upgrade training. I was told that the gauges were to be installed, but no personal knowledge. An instructor had us fly over the accident site at a legal altitude, and it was amazing how far the debris field stretched. The landing gear was left at the road embankment a little past the end of the runway, then the tail section broke off a little later. The fuselage and wing continued for maybe another 1/4 mile or so, shedding pieces, and the cockpit section then separated forward of the wing and continued another 100 yards or so. All crew members exited out the top escape hatch, with no noticeable injuries. There was no fire, and the fuel remained in the wing tanks.

Tough airplane, good pilot, although there is speculation that he mistook Clinton Sherman Munipical (3,000') for Clinton Sherman AFB (13,000').

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