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Originally Posted by Left Handed View Post
Guys, read the whole rule. It doesn’t say anything about disallowing pets in the cabin. All it says is you can’t call an animal an “emotional support animal” (ie:free) any more unless it specifically has been trained as a service animal, and even that is limited to non-violent dogs. The airline’s pet carriage policies are not changed. You can still pay to have pets in the cabin.
The FAA doesn't tell certificate holders what they can't carry, except for the rules surrounding hazmat. If airline A wants to make money transporting snakes on a plane, more power to them.

The new DOT rule aligns Part 382 with 121 and 135 cargo carrying regulations. Previously, although airlines didn't have to carry cargo that could not be secured, they didn't equip check in and gate agents or flight attendants to deal with all the animals people tried to bring onto the plane. All to often they would bend over (the airlines) for fear of being sued or because they let an animal and person get on board that should never have gotten that far. Then you have to remove someone from a flight that never should have gotten there, because their animal can't be secured. Now with 382 aligning with FAA cargo carrying requirements, the airlines have the backing to enforce the cargo-carrying rules on the passengers.
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