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Originally Posted by CincoDeMayo View Post

Sorry to be so direct but, So? The airline doesnít want to accept the liability of transporting your dog in the cargo bin and pets donít belong in the airline cabin.

People donít pretend itís an emotional support animal because of the lack of ďcargoĒ option, they did it to not pay to bring the animal as a carry on pet and because putting an animal in the cargo compartment is borderline cruel.

There are airlines who will transport a pet in cargo, people can use them. I doubt Frontier wants to spend the money to have someone driving around the ramp collecting dogs in crates on the ramp, once DGS puts them down on the ramp, in the sun, under the loud APU.
I agree with this except the borderline cruel part. It IS absolutely cruel.

People, donít put your pets in cargo.

Additionally, taking pets to airport terminal is extremely rude. Itís one thing if itís really necessary because you need an SERVICE animal. Service animals are not pets. We arenít talking about that. But emotional support? Common. Not only are there people that donít like animals (and even fear them) but there are people with real allergen issues. Youíre requiring those people to tolerate your pet. And the pet itself? Where is it going to relieve itself? Even not considering that, you donít think itís stressed?

People, donít put your pets on airplanes.

Drive if you really must take your pets with you.

Yes. The rest of us are judging you.

PS: Weíve had pets all our lives. We love animals. Almost all of the ones weíve had have been rescue and they make up an important part of our family. They do not travel with us by air.

OK. Off soap box.
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