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Originally Posted by marcal View Post
The bigger issue of sharecare is that HSA rewards are much more dependant on enrolling in "programs" that essentially "track" you regularly. Not a fan. Much more difficult to accumulate rewards.
I noticed the same thing too. Kinda sucks. However, you can still get a lot from doing simple things (family coverage):
  • $300: Complete the survey
    • Takes about 10-15 minutes, and nothing says you have to be truthful on it. You just have to complete it.
  • $50: Sign in to ShareCare app
    • Install, deny all permissions, sign in, uninstall. Immediate $50 (as in, I signed into the app and refreshed the webpage...$50. Boom.)
    • Unfortunately, it doesn't work on the iPad, so you can't sign in on our EFB's to keep whatever personal info private. It'd work on a burner phone though.
  • $200: Annual physical
    • Covered by medical insurance and is a good idea anyways.
    • FAA medical doesn't count, but that's always been the case. Your doctor might be able to work it out with you though, so it doesn't hurt to ask
    • Do the next two at the same time
  • $50: Flu shot
    • You were going to do that anyways, right? RIGHT?
  • $400: Biometric screening
    • This one's a bit more invasive, but if you're otherwise healthy it's easy money. Plus they've expanded the options on how to complete this, making it easier to do. I did mine this morning at Quest.
There's $1000 right there, plus the full $750 for your spouse, plus $250 if you have a child. $2000 for <30 minutes on an overnight and one doctor's visit with two needle pokes for each of you. Plus if you 're doing other health related things anyways, you can get money for them (telehealth appointment, dermatologist appointment, colonoscopy, COVID testing, to name a few).
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