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Originally Posted by LumberJack View Post
I agree the initial mask recommendation seems like it could have been handled better. Lying to us accomplished his goal of preserving masks for the healthcare workers, but it then created uncertainty with the general public later on.

As for his herd immunity estimate, it does seem like he initially upped it based on polling. He then diminished the influence that polling had on his estimate. Now he's settled on 70-85%.

I honestly think he means well, but his public relations could use some work.
I would think he was trying to prevent a run on masks a la toilet paper. Let health care people get them. I don't call that a lie. Unlike others. And you know who. Look at his record, he's served many administrations with not a hint of BS. And most of his predictions have come to fruition, unfortunately. I can't find one self serving motive in any of his actions.
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